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Drunk on love, Jasmine Guillory

"Margot Noble bit her lip so she wouldn't scream. "I know that Uncle Stan never had parties here," she said to her brother, as calmly as she could. "But I'm suggesting that we do something different this year. Shake it up a little. It's the twenty-fifth anniversary of Noble Family Vineyards, and I think it's worthy of celebration. A party for our wine club members and other paying guests seems like a perfect way to do it." By the look on Elliot's face it was like she'd suggested turning the vineyard into a corn maze. "This sounds like a huge amount of hassle, Margot," Elliot said. "You want to have this party here? Why would we do something like that?" She'd known Elliot would hate this idea. "First, like I said, it's the anniversary--I know we've never really celebrated it, but it seems like a great year to do it. Second, our wine club members and visitors to the winery have been asking me for a while why we never have parties here, especially since we have such a great space, so I think people would be excited to come. Third, it's excellent marketing for us and our wines--it'll sell some wine, give us some great publicity, get people here who haven't been to the tasting room before, and keep them coming back. And it'll add members to our wine club." She hoped. "And fourth, it might earn us some money--we'll charge a fee for the party, and parties like this tend to sell a bunch of wine anyway, so it'll be a win/win." Elliot's face closed up. She knew what he was thinking. He still thought of the winery as his. He'd been the one who had worked here for ten years, not her. Well, they'd owned the winery together since their uncle had died and left it to the two of them, almost three years ago. It felt like Elliot would never get used to that."--, Provided by publisher
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